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Save a Life

Everybody has a loud side don't they, you know where you just want to get a point across and maybe help someone out if they're not seeing the common sense in some thing. Well if you were on your last breath because of a medical or criminal emergency about to take your life we would scream HELP for you if we could but now there's a company who figured out how to scream help for you. This is a way to save a life maybe your own or your neighbors.

It took awhile to decide to add this to our site but we felt we had to so our customers would know about this awesome new concept in saving lives at home and on the road.

Well here's our loud side even though we try to do it as soft spoken as possible. We just had to let you know about one of our partners who have created the most common sense approach and affordable way to save lives at home and on the road.

Have you ever wondered what would you do if someone was breaking in your home or maybe you have health conditions that worry you. Most of us have heard of Life Alert or Medic Alert but you are one of us that either cannot afford monthly fees like all of the companies have today, maybe you just wish their was a simple yet affordable way to get help in an emergency. This system is designed to get you help in the fastest way possible without it costing you money month after month after month. So affordable and one simple low price and you own it and you control when it goes off . You won't be relying on someone sitting at a desk to see your alarm is going off so they can call 911 for you your whole neighborhood will know your life could be on it's last breath and they can call 911 for you.

This is to make your home and neighborhood safer The Little Screamer.

OH did we forget to mention  this business called click on Big Rig Innovation gives you a full refund when and if this device helps save your life within the first year from the date of purchase or you can chose to have them give a free device to someone you care about. This is their statement on that subject , Why the heck wouldn't we want to give you your money back we would be totally excited to get a phone call from you saying this device helped save your life.

 Do you know a trucker ? Big Rig even has one for the truckers and campers on the road. Get your trucker friend one someday they may thank you for being the one who helped introduce them to this awesome device.

Click on the sign below and you will be taken there but please don't forget to bookmark us in case you want to come back and get a nice gift for someone you love.


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