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Natural Health

Honey Bee Nature products are straight from the bee hive. Our family here at True Heart Gifts decided to offer these to our customers for one well maybe two simple reasons. One is because we feel they are the best product out there that is all natural and has a lot of health benefits for the young and the elderly. It's really amazing how smart the honeys bees really are. We take these personally and wouldn't think of life without them the health benefits are endless.

The second reason is a true story based on Grandpa B. we know kind of ironic his name is Grandpa B. but seriously it is.

He started taking this bee product over 27 years ago while living on the road. As a trucker he wanted to stay in tip top shape and stay healthy. He was traveling hundreds of miles a  day a man who was considered a very hard runner back in the day when truckers could run as hard as they wanted to if they knew how to run well lets say at least one log book. Through the years he was committed to taking these daily and after over 27 years without any health problems he maybe had the flu once or twice all them years and  we can tell you he is still as healthy as a horse at 54 years old and can still keep up or lets say actually outwork most teenagers. He's still driving a big truck pulling tank and says he enjoys being out on the road with all the other { well almost all } truckers because even though some say the compadraship is gone , that's not true in his eyes because a lot of truckers out on the roads are very professional men and women who are serious family oriented truckers trying to make a living like him. 

Grandpa has been through a lot of tough times through life and his best advice is to take these bee product pills , stay focused on where you're going in life and to remain calm in all situations while never losing your patience, they say patience is a virtue but really out on the road patience saves lives. After being a trucker most of his life he has maintained the exact weight he was when leaving school back when he was 16 and when he was growing up on a midwest farm he knew when he was about 14 years old out disking in the fields he knew he was going to be a trucker and yep here he is still going strong after over 3 million plus safe miles.

The reasons he started taking them was because of what he read about the benefits like they build your immune system, help keep you young, they help you stay focused and calm while at the same time giving you energy without any kind of jitters or burning up your energy fast leaving you feel worn out.

The products in the bee hive that are put into these pills are as follows and what their purpose is in the bee hive and what they can do for you. These resources below about the benefits of each product in the bee pills were found online and are NOT to convince you to buy the bee product we offer they are to inform you of the benefits of the 4 products in the bee pills we offer. Royal Jelly, propolis, bee pollen and raw honey.

WARNING  if you are allergic to bee stings or if you are pregnant please consult your doctor before taking these bee pills. It has been shown that if your allergic to stings you may be allergic to these pills and doctors say this product is not a good idea to take if your pregnant.

Royal Jelly  The only bee in the bee hive that gets to eat the royal Jelly is you guessed it The Queen Bee and it's responsible for keeping her alive 5 times longer than the worker bees. So ust imagine what it might do for you. Hopefully not keep us alive 5 times longer than the average age of 80 can you imagine living to be 80 x 5 years longer = 400. Well who knows maybe by taking this it will give us 10 or 20 years more than the average.Read more below about the benefits of royal jelly.

Propolis another very important product found in the bee hive. Propolis is responsible for killing all the germs and bacteria when they enter the bee hive to keep the honey as pure as possible. Did you know that honey is one of few products grown in nature that can be put on a shelf in your home and stay edible for a very very long time. Propolis can build your immune system to help you fight off colds, flus, viruses and many more germs that you come in contact with. See more below about the benefits of propolis.

The bee caps also have raw honey and bee pollen in them another two very important natural products found in the bee hive.

Read more here about the benefits below about royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen and raw honey. It's a lengthy report but well worth the read if you're interested in natural health and the benefits of these honey bee products. 

The Benefits of ROYAL JELLY a product from the hive in the bee caps we offer.

The health benefits of Royal Jelly are extensive and universities around the world are now studying this magical compound more and more frequently in an attempt to further understand it.

We are firm believers after taking these bee caps for years and there is no doubt in our minds that Royal jelly has enhanced many aspects of peoples health.

The health benefits of royal jelly sometimes seem to good to be true There are simply so many conditions that Royal jelly helps with.

That being said, we was doing a quick search on Pub Med the other day to see how many scientific studies have been done on royal jelly and the sheer volume of research was staggering. Clearly, the brightest scientific minds in the world see 'something' with this substance as there are now studies on Royal Jelly showing its effects on countless different conditions.

So here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Royal Jelly that are both supported by science but also by our experience using it in the real world!

 1. Antioxidant Power

Antioxidants are all the rage today and for good reason. When your cells oxidize, YOU oxidize and that leads to greater instances of cancer, heart disease and other degenerative conditions.

We've all seen a peeled apple turn brown within minutes - well, that is literally what happens to your cells over your lifetime. But scientists have discovered certain foods have massive amounts of antioxidants that slow and even stop this process.

 Royal Jelly just so happens to be one of these foods. As reported in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry in 2008, Royal Jelly contains very high amounts of several anti oxidants .

 2. Immune Modulator

Because Royal Jelly is being indicated to have immuno-modulatory potential for humans, a group of scientists at the University of the Ryukus in Japan undertook a study to determine whether RJ could alter the development of systemic autoimmunity in mice. Autoimmunity is a state in which the body's immune system attacks itself. Disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis and many allergies are autoimmune disorders, These mice were genetically predisposed to get Lupus, a serious auto immune disorder. During the study, the scientists found that the mice getting the RJ supplement saw a significant delay in getting Lupus and once they did get it, lived significantly longer than the mice that didn't get the supplement.

And while humans aren't mice, this study certainly supports the many testimonials of people who have reported using Royal Jelly to boost or balance their immune systems that I've encountered.

 3. Brain Function Enhancement

Our customers and client often tell us how they experience a calmness or feeling of clarity upon taking our high quality bee cap pills.

Now a study out of Gifu Pharmaceutical University in Japan has shed some light on why this happens.

Scientists fed rats a toxic compound designed to kill brain cells and then gave them Royal Jelly. They found that not only did the RJ protect the brain, but it also stimulated cognitive function and repair to the brain.

 4. Liver Protection

To be honest, we were not aware that Royal Jelly had liver protective abilities until we read this study. And don't ever underestimate the importance of keeping your liver healthy - everything you ingest goes through it to be filtered. So your liver is ultra important to your overall health

Scientists at University of Erciyies in Turkey fed royal jelly to mice that had been given a liver toxin. They found that the administration of royal jelly as a liver protective agent for only 7 days exhibited a marked protective effect on liver tissue from the liver toxin.

 5. Inflammation

A tremendous amount of research is now showing that chronic inflammation is one of the root causes of heart disease and other degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers disease, arthritis and even some cancers.

A group of scientists at Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories in Japan decided to test the anti-inflammatory activity of Royal Jelly. They tested for pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-1. High levels of these compounds indicate high levels of inflammation.

The scientists found that the administration of Royal Jelly suppressed these pro-inflammatory compounds and concluded that RJ has anti-inflammatory actions.So, if you have a history of heart disease or Alzheimer's disease in your family or better yet, you've had your IL-6 levels tested by your doctor and they are elevated, Royal Jelly is likely an excellent supplement for you.

 6. Skin Healing

Scientists at the Department of Pharmacology, Nihon University in Japan set out to discover whether or not Royal Jelly can augment wound healing.

They fed rats various amounts of RJ daily and found that it showed anti-inflammatory activity by decreasing exudation and collagen formation. RJ also shortened the healing period of skin lesions, enough so that the scientists stated that RJ is able to augment wound healing.

This comes as no surprise to those of us who have used royal jelly for skin health over the years. Royal Jelly contains specific nutrients and vitamins that support skin renewal such as flavonoids, nucleic acid, decanoic acid, enzymes, and hormones.

It also contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, acetyl-choline and zinc, all of which are excellent for the skin. Studies indicate that the acids found in Royal Jelly contribute to its collagen production and promotion.

 7. Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Earlier studies have shown that royal jelly has insulin-like activity. However, there have so far been no clinical trials to support these findings. So, a group of German doctors at the Justus-Liebig University Hospital in Germany had twenty volunteers undergo the standardized oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and afterwards a second OGTT after ingestion of 20 g of royal jelly.

The doctors found that after 2 hours, the serum sugar levels of the 20 volunteers were much lower after taking the 20 g of Royal Jelly than when they didn't take it.

So, if you have any type of blood sugar issue, try supplementing with RJ. (if you are on insulin or Glucagon, make sure you monitor your levels carefully - RJ will reduce your sugars)

 8. Osteoporosis & Bone Loss

A group of Japanese scientists hypothesized that Royal Jelly may have beneficial effects on osteoporosis.

After conducting a study on both rats and in a test tube, the doctors found that RJ may prevent osteoporosis by enhancing intestinal calcium absorption, making it an effective preventative aid for osteoporosis.

It makes a lot of sense to supplement with Royal Jelly along with your calcium and vitamin D if you are suffering from osteoporosis or have a history of it in your family. According to this study, RJ will enhance your body's ability to absorb the calcium and in turn deposit it in your bone structure.

 9. Breast Cancer

A group of scientists at Kyushu University in Japan looked at the protective effect of Royal Jelly on breast cancer cells.

In the study, the scientists found an anti-environmental estrogen effect of royal jelly. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an environmental estrogen found in many plastics that stimulates the proliferation of human breast cancer MCF-7 cells.

The study found that Royal jelly inhibited the growth promoting effect of BPA on breast cancer MCF-7 cells, even though it did not affect the proliferation of cells in the absence of BPA.

We are all exposed to dozens of cancer causing environmental estrogens every day now through our drinking water, our cosmetics, plastics and our food. You may be wise to protect yourself from these cancers with a daily dose of fresh royal jelly.

 10. Cholesterol Control

A group of researchers in Japan decided to examine the effects of Royal Jelly on blood cholesterol levels in 15 volunteers.

They gave half the volunteers 6 grams of Royal Jelly per day for 4 weeks. Those taking the RJ saw their total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) decreased significantly compared with those who didn't get the RJ. HDL (the good cholesterol) levels didn't change in either group, nor did triglyceride levels.

So, it appears that Royal Jelly lowers bad cholesterol and total cholesterol while not harming good cholesterol levels. Amazing!

If your doctor is telling you to get your cholesterol levels down, perhaps Royal Jelly is a safer, natural option for you.

 The benefits and studies of propolis which is an ingredient in the bee caps we offer.

 Bees make more than honey.  They also make a product called propolis. And this bee product is a powerful health balm.  In fact, studies show it has anti-cancer properties.

 Dr. Seema Patel of the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center, San Diego State University conducted a comprehensive review of the on propolis and cancer.  Dr. Patel found laboratory and animal studies supporting propolis efficacy against cancers of the:


  • Brain
  • Pancreas
  • Head and neck
  • Kidney and bladder
  • Skin
  • Prostate
  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Liver
  • Blood  

 Propolis contains as many as 300 active compounds.  These components were found to fight cancer in a variety of ways including:


  • Preventing the growth of new blood vessels to feed cancer cells (anti-angiogenesis)
  • Preventing the spread or metastasis of cancer from one organ to another
  • Halting cancer cell division
  • Inducing apoptosis or programmed cell death

 In addition, propolis was found to mitigate the side effects or toxicity of chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of cancer.

 Bees make propolis by gathering resin from pine and other cone-producing evergreen trees.  They blend the resin with wax flakes and pollen, and take it back to the hive. There they use the sticky mess to patch holes, seal cracks and build panels in the hive. 

 But propolis does more than architectural duty.  It also acts as an antiseptic barrier protecting the hive from contamination and from external invaders like mice, snakes, and lizards. In fact, the name propolis comes from the Greek meaning "defense of the city."

 The antimicrobial properties of propolis protect the hive from viruses and bacteria. Researchers found that bees living in hives coated with propolis have lower bacteria in their body and also 'quieter' immune systems.

 And propolis doesn't just benefit bees. For thousands of years folk medicine practitioners have used bee glue to treat abscesses, heal wounds, and fight infection.  In fact, propolis was listed as an official drug in the London pharmacopoeias of the 17th century.

 Modern studies confirm a long list of health benefits offered by propolis.  A search of PubMed shows over 2,000 studies on bee propolis.  Here are just a few of its health benefits.

 1. Anti-Microbial Action

 Propolis has a wide range of antibacterial properties.  It is also has anti-fungal and anti-viral powers.  In one animal study, applying a propolis solution to wounds helped speed healing in diabetic rats.

 In children, propolis has been found to:


         Prevent respiratory tract infections

 2. Heals Burns

 A 2002 study from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that propolis may promote the healing of minor burns.The researchers compared a propolis skin cream with silver sulfadiazine, a drug used to treat burns.  Study results showed propolis was just as effective as the drug in treating second-degree burns.

 3. Prevents Dental Cavities

 Many studies have also found that extracts from bee glue limit bacterial plaque and reduce tooth cavities

 4. Treats Parasites

 Preliminary trials show propolis may eliminate parasites.  In one study people who took propolis had a 52 to 60% success rate in eliminating the parasite giardiasis.

 5. Wart Removal

 In a single-blind, randomized, 3-month trial, 135 patients with different types of warts received oral propolis, echinacea, or a placebo.  The results were reported in the International Journal of Dermatology. Patients with plane and common warts achieved a cure rate of 75% and 73%, respectively. The results were significantly better than those associated with echinacea or placebo.

 The amazing benefits of bee pollen

 Bee Pollen is made by honeybees, and is the food of the young bee. It is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. Bee-gathered pollens are rich in proteins (approximately 40% protein), free amino acids, vitamins, including B-complex, and folic acid.

  Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. Bee pollen is richer in proteins than any animal source. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body.

 It is important to recognize that a one teaspoon dose of pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather. Each bee pollen pellet, contains over two million flower pollen grains and one teaspoonful contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen.

  Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD, has listed bee pollen as one of his 22 most recommended food energies. Bee Pollen can be used medicinally for a wide range of conditions from prostate health to skin conditions and can help correct specific nutritional imbalances within the body.

 Here Are Just 10 Great Reasons To Add  Bee Pollen To Your Daily Diet!

 1. Energy Enhancer - The range of nutrients found within bee pollen makes it a great natural energizer. The carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins can help keep you going all day by enhancing stamina and fighting off fatigue.


 2. Skin Soother - Bee pollen is often used in topical products that aim to treat inflammatory conditions and common skin irritations like psoriasis or eczema. The amino acids and vitamins protect the skin and aid the regeneration of cells.

 3. Respiratory System - Bee pollen contains a high quantity of antioxidants that may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues of the lungs, preventing the onset of asthma.

 4. Treating Allergies – Pollen reduces the presence of histamine, ameliorating many allergies. Dr. Leo Conway, M.D of Denver Colorado, reported that 94 percent of his patients were completely free from allergy symptoms once treated with oral feeding of pollen. Everything from asthma to allergies to sinus problems were cleared, confirming that bee pollen is wonderfully effective against a wide range of respiratory diseases.

 5. Digestive System - In addition to healthful vitamins, minerals and protein, bee pollen contains enzymes that can aid in digestion. Enzymes assist your body in getting all the nutrients you need from the food that you eat.

 6. Immune System Booster - Pollen is good for the intestinal flora and thereby supports the immune system. According to holistic health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, bee pollen has antibiotic-type properties that can help protect the body from contracting viruses. It's also rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from the damaging oxidation of free radicals.

 7. Treats Addictions – Used holistically for healing addictions and inhibiting cravings by suppressing impulses. Because bee pollen crashes cravings, it is a very useful research is needed into this benefit, particularly when it comes to weight management.

 8. Supports the Cardiovascular System - Bee Pollen contains large amounts of Rutin; an antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps strengthen capillaries, blood vessels, assists with circulatory problems and corrects cholesterol levels. Its potent anti-clotting powers could help prevent heart attack and stroke.

 9. Prostate Aid - Men who suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia can find relief by using bee pollen. Bee pollen can help reduce inflammation to stop frequent urges to urinate.

 10. Infertility Problems - Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function, therefore may be used to assist in accelerating pregnancy. As well as being a hormonal booster it is also a great aphrodisiac!

 The benefits of Raw Honey

According to Dr. Ron Fessenden, M.D., M.P.H. the average American consumes over 150 pounds of refined sugar, plus an additional 62 pounds of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) every year. In comparison, we consume only around 1.3 pounds of honey per year on average in the United States. According to new research and the advice of nutritionists and medical doctors if you can switch out your intake of refined sugar and use pure raw honey instead the health benefits can be enormous!

 What is raw honey? It is a pure, unfiltered, and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Most of the honey consumed today is processed honey that has been heated and filtered since it was gathered from the hive. Unlike processed honey, raw honey does not get robbed of it’s incredible nutritional value and health powers.  It can help with everything from low energy to sleep problems to seasonal allergies. Switching to raw honey may even help weight loss efforts when compared to diets containing sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I’m excited to tell you more about one of my all-time favorite natural sweeteners today.

 Raw Honey Nutrition Facts

 Honey is one of nature’s purest foods and is far more than just a natural sweetener. It is a “functional food”, which means it is a natural food with health benefits. Raw honey nutrition is impressive. Raw honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 enzymes. (3) Minerals include iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and selenium. Vitamins found in honey include vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin. (4) In addition, the nutraceuticals contained in honey help neutralize damaging free radical activity.

 One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories, yet it has a healthy glycemic load around 10 for 1 tablespoon, which is a little less than a banana. Raw honey does not cause a sugar spike and elevated insulin release like white sugar.

 Although honey is an affordable food, bees spend thousands of hours collecting pollen from around two million flowers to make one pound of pure honey. Honey is typically about 18% water, but the lower the water content, the better the quality of honey.Best of all, honey does not need special storage or refrigeration – use it by the spoonful straight from the jar.

 8 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

 1. Healthy Weight Management

 Research studies have linked honey consumption with weight loss. For study found that replacing sugar with honey can actually help to prevent the packing on of extra pounds and also help to lower blood sugar. The results also suggest that in comparison to sugar, honey may lower serum triglycerides.

 Another study has shown that it raw honey can activate hormones that suppress the appetite. In a double-blind randomly assigned study, appetite hormones and glycemic responses were measured in 14 healthy non-obese woman after consuming a breakfast containing either honey or sugar. Overall, researchers concluded that honey consumption offers potential obesity protective effects.

 2. Counters Pollen Allergies

 Raw honey contains bee pollen, which is known to ward off infections, provide natural allergy relief, and boost overall immunity. Honey’s ability to prevent allergies is based on a concept called immunotherapy. How so? The bees in your neighborhood are going from flower to flower collecting pollen that is causing you to suffer, but when a you consume local raw honey, you are also consuming that same offending local pollen. After some time, an allergy-sufferer may become less-sensitive to this pollen that previously caused them problems and experience less seasonal allergy symptoms. Many seasonal allergy sufferers have found local, raw honey to be helpful because it desensitizes them to the fauna triggering their allergic reaction.

 A 2013 study found that eating honey at a high dose (1 gram per kilogram of body weight of honey daily) can improve allergy symptoms over a period of eight weeks. Researchers absorbed that the honey consumption improved overall and individual symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an allergic response that causes itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and other similar symptoms.

 Some people say that a daily tablespoon of honey can actually act like an allergy shot. The type of honey is key though since pasteurized honey does not contain any pollen. For possible seasonal allergy relief, you need to consume raw honey with pollen in it.

 3. Natural Energy Source

 Raw honey contains natural sugars (80%), water (18%), and minerals, vitamins, pollen and protein (2%). It’s not surprising that honey has been called “the perfect running fuel”. Honey provides an easily absorbed supply of energy in the form of liver glycogen, making it ideal for energetic morning starts and as a pre- and post-exercise energy source. Studies at the University of Memphis Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory have shown honey to be one of the best choices of carbohydrate to consume right before exercising. Additionally, studies have revealed that as a sporting fuel, honey performs on a par with glucose, which is the sugar used in most commercial energy gels.

 When it comes to raw honey’s use in athletic endeavors, I highly recommend raw honey for both fueling and recovery.

 4. Antioxidant Powerhouse

 Studies have shown that a daily dose of raw honey raises levels of health-promoting antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants help to block free radicals in the body that cause disease. It also boosts the immune system, acting as a preventative against any number of debilitating diseases. Honey contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

 One study fed 25 subjects about 4 tablespoons of honey per day for 29 days in addition to their regular diets. When blood samples were taken at the start and end of the study, researchers found a clear, direct link between honey consumption and an increased level of disease-fighting polyphenols in the blood. 

 Studies have shown that honey contains the disease-fighting antioxidant flavonoids pinocembrin, pinostrobin and chrysin. (10) Pinocembrin supports enzyme activity and many studies have shown that pinocembrin induces apoptosis (programmed cell death) of many types of cancer cells.  Laboratory research suggests that chrysin may increase the male hormone testosterone and improve bodybuilding results, but human research hasn’t found any effect on testosterone levels.

 5. Sleep Promoter

 Raw honey promotes restorative sleep in two ways. By consuming honey before bed time, it re-stocks the liver’s glycogen supply and prevents the brain from triggering a crisis search for fuel, which can wake you up. Secondly, eating raw honey fosters the release of melatonin in the brain by creating a small spike in insulin levels, which stimulates the release of tryptophan in the brain, tryptophan converts to serotonin, which is then converted to melatonin.

 Melatonin also boosts immunity and helps rebuild tissue during periods of rest. Poor sleep, by comparison, has been shown to be a risk factor for hypertension, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and arthritis. As honey is a proven sleep aid, it naturally lowers the risk of all these health problems.

 6. Wound & Ulcer Healer

 Honey-infused bandages are known to aid healing. Peter Charles Molan at the University of Waikato, New Zealand has found in multiple studies that honey is a natural antibacterial with wound healing effects. He also found that honey reacts with the body’s fluids to make hydrogen peroxide, creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria.

 For the treatment of burns and wounds, honey is typically applied directly to the problem area or in a dressing that is changed every 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes the dressing is left in place for up to 25 days. (15) A combination of honey and ghee has also been advocated and used as dressing for infected wounds since 1991 in four Mumbai Hospitals.

 Honey has been studied for it use in effectively treating various types of ulcers. Honey may reduce the size, pain, and odor of problematic skin ulcers.

 7. Diabetes Aid

Consumption of raw honey can reduce risk of developing diabetes and help aid medication used to treat diabetes. The combination of raw honey and cinnamon can be especially beneficial to healthy blood sugar management, as well as many other health concerns like gingivitis and acne.

 8. Natural Cough Syrup

Raw honey has been shown to be as effective in treating coughs as over-the-counter commercial cough syrups. Increasing scientific evidence shows that a single dose of honey can reduce mucus secretion and coughs. In one study, honey was just as effective as diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan, common ingredients found in over-the counter cough medicines.

 For cough, a 0.5 to 2 teaspoons of honey at bedtime is a studied and recommended dosage for anyone over the age of one year of age