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Terry Beswick { Terrance Joseph Beswick } Naked Heart - Where There's no Walls

Posted by Terry Beswick on

Hello and welcome to this little story about my life and why I am the way I am and I hope you find a message that touches you in a way that maybe eases your mind a little bit in knowing life is great it all depends on how you handle the downfalls that come in your path.

I have to say the main reason I write is because I enjoy it and the gifts I write I try to either help someone find the faith and hope they need or want to follow their dream and do what they love to do and some of my gifts are to help you show someone how you feel when you can't find the words and last but not least my other gifts are to help you keep the memories alive of someone you may have lost in life because it was their time to go and you're left behind but that doesn't mean they will ever be forgotten.

If you like the way I write maybe you would like my book when it's ready to offer to everyone. Naturally it will be called

      Naked Heart

Where there's No Walls

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Life is so strange sometimes like when we're growing up and everyone feels they need to hide their emotions especially young boys they are afraid to look weak or unmacho. I remember the first time a tear creeped down  my face because of a young girl i was in love with i thought OMG did she see that I wanted to run and hide. 

Then another day I was feeling tough so i thought I would stand up to my dad who was about 250 lbs and strong as an ox from working on our family farm his whole life. I think i surprised myself as much as i did him when he told me to go kick the dog i loved more than the world because he was chasing the neighbors sheep. I looked up a little scared in my 100 lb body that has already had a few deserving whippens from him. I said no i can't  do that and he said well if you don't then i will boot you in the as.... i just stood there at 13 years old and decided it was time to stand up to him. Well i got the first boot and it hurt a bit but when he said move it i just planted my self stronger where i stood and wham there came the next one and it hurt then he said i'm gonna boot ya til you move it. Well the third time it about took me off the ground and he said move it, i looked up and just shook my head no and needless to say he gave up cause he knew how much i loved that dog. Well i hate to say it and relive the memory but i guess it was a lesson on respect for my dad and he was just trying to teach me i have to train my dog no matter how i do it. Well my dog come up missing a couple weeks later and i guess i was a  little young and naive because i pedaled my bike all over the country roads around our area looking for him but as i grew older i realized it was probably my dad who took him along ways down the road because i refused to punish my dog for chasing the neighbors sheep. Well my dad i loved him and respected him and really enjoyed working together on the family farm with him and i hold nothing against him for trying to teach me even when you love something like your dog he has to be trained and back then whippens and butt kickings was the way in the world which i am in the middle of that kind of thinking today. I do have to say the dog i had when i got my own place i had him for 12 years and he did get a few butt kickings and boy did he listen when i said something it was amazing it was like he could read my mind. So i guess you could say maybe i should of listened to my dad.

Well to make a long story short love is something I have stood for my entire life even if it meant taking a beating for a dog or someone else I loved. Isn't love and compassion the most important emotions in life? I have always thought they are and if you don't follow a path that you love and you're proud of then what's the purpose of life?

If you like how I write and would like to know more about me or would like my book when it's ready or would just like a compassionate friend follow me on my personal facebook page and who knows maybe one day we could talk about life over coffee, one of my favorite things to do besides write is to hopefully one day create a very powerful country song.

Here's my personal FB page or just search terry beswick on facebook, there's more than one of me on facebook OMG lol I'm the one standing on a railroad track in my picture.. I have spent a lot of miles walking that track and sometimes i don't know if I was born on the right side or the wrong side of the tracks but in the end does it really matter ?

Thank you so much for reading and may the big man upstairs bless you in every dream you follow and path you take.

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